Lower Term Rates!  
Looking for the best level term for your clients?  
We are in a market leading position in 20, 25,  
and 30 year term nontobacco classes.1  
Take a look at these examples, and then start quoting
AG Select-a-Term® for all your term classes.
   Male, Age 40, $500,000, 20-year SNT Current Rate2   
   AG Select-a-Term $744.00          
   Transamerica Trendsetter Super 745.00          
   Protective Custom Choice UL 745.36          
   ING TermSmart 755.00          
   Banner OPTerm 795.00          
   Male , Age 30, $500,000, 30-year, PNT  
   AG Select-a-Term $509.00          
   Transamerica Trendsetter Super 510.00          
   Banner OPTerm 510.00          
   Protective Custom Choice UL 510.69          
   Prudential Term Essential3 550.00          
   Female, Age 40, $500,000, 20-year, SPNT  
   AG Select-a-Term $529.00          
   Transamerica Trendsetter Super 530.00          
   ING TermSmart 540.00          
   Genworth Colony Term 565.00          
1 Applies to face amount of $500,000 and more.
  2 Competitor data as of 12/24/2012; AGL premium rates as of 1/14/2013.
  Every attempt has been made to verify accuracy of information, but rates may change at any time.
3 Prudential rates based on age - last birthday.

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AG Select-a-Term Policy Form Numbers 07007, ICC10-07007, 09007N.
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